5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Write Press Releases

Small businesses that are looking into how press releases fit into their business model may be unaware of the benefits it could bring for the long-term.  Without PR, it’s unlikely you will gain the added attention for which your company strives and deserves in this fast-paced world. There is a lot of competition to gain exposure in 2020, so let’s examine how effective PR strategies will attract new leads and new customers. Getting prime spots in media outlets will result in your business being introduced to a whole new audience that may never have discovered you with your current marketing efforts

Consider these 5 reasons why you should invest in a PR strategy with Two Second Media for your business:


Builds SEO Traffic                                                                                                                      

At Two Second Media, a well-written press release, utilizing SEO best practices for search algorithms, will allow search engines to find, match, index, and rank your press release. Having a high-ranking press release on Google and other search engines will provide increased exposure to current customers and prospective new ones. Releases that are posted on PRNewswire.com garner 2x the page views as the nearest competitor.                   

Search algorithms are looking for well-written content that naturally incorporates keywords and links, so Two Second Media will focus on using natural language and providing high-quality links in your press releases. Proper keyword usage, quality links, and consistent distribution allow you to develop authority in an industry.

Google and other search engines are ranking content from authoritative sources. Therefore, your small business will often need to post a variety of content, including press releases, to help establish and maintain your brand’s expertise. 


Customer Engagement                                                                                                     

Historically, press releases only reached journalists.  Now, through online news distributors and social media, consumers have direct access to your press releases online.

Distributing a well-crafted press release provides the opportunity to rank high in search, catch the attention of current and potential customers, and lead to direct engagement and sharing on social channels. Your small business now has the opportunity to reach an untapped audience that you may never have considered before.  Two Second Media will also directly promote your press release on your social media channels. Customers and the media are more likely to share multimedia via social platforms than text-only. 


Business Credibility                                                                                             

Consumers view press releases as a trusted source of information. The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: In Brand’s We Trust, encompassing an eight-country in-depth study, maintains that the majority of consumers across multiple demographics indicate that brand trust is essential to buying.

Consistently distributing accurate press releases allows you to build that needed credibility which every business, large or small, needs. It is especially effective for start-ups and growing small businesses to get positive word-of-mouth out about themselves.

With Two Second Media as your advertising and marketing partner, you control your brand’s voice, message, and perception. In addition to publicizing important company information, the press release can also be used to refute any negative external press about your small business. Providing credible facts without spin, you can re-establish a positive brand image and public perception.


Gives Your Small Business the Power of Message Control                                    

As a small business owner, you feel strongly about the messages that are being conveyed about your business.  Effective PR ensures you have a great deal more control of what is being broadcast in media outlets. Two Second Media will work with you to form a positive and professional press release that shows off your business in the best light. Additionally, Two Second Media has a wide network of contacts that will be utilized to promote your business further.


Build a Content Portfolio                                                                                            

As the saying goes, “content is king.”  Your small business should be continually creating relevant, timely content that engages journalists and customers to stay connected. The more consistent you are with posting content, the more likely your brand will rank higher in search.

Also, press releases don’t have to stand alone. They are fact-based and include data, so let each fact become a new piece of content. Two Second Media will help extend its life cycle by repurposing it as a social post, blog post, infographic, or expanding it into a complete advertising and marketing campaign.


While the media industry has evolved drastically over the past decade, the press release hasn’t become obsolete. It has evolved along with any marketing, advertising, and communication tool at your disposal. Content is king, and relevancy is essential. Two Second Media will customize your small business press releases to reach new leads, customers, and increased sales.


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