Creating Effective Trade Show Displays

Trade Shows are a great way to interact with people in your industry, as well as people outside of your industry who could be potential clients. It is important that you focus on the design of your trade show booth for many reasons. Your display will send a message to your clients: if the booth is well designed, the message will be positive, if the design is bad, the message will be as well. Think of your booth as the first impression to potential clients.

A booth that is not appealing leaves the clients with the impression that your company is not appealing. Trade shows are simply a library where customers will “judge a book by its cover.” Make your company appealing with a design for your booth that invites customers in. So let’s go over the most important things to consider when preparing for your next trade show.


Space, Size, Audience

Some important things to consider when preparing for a trade show are the space you’ll be working in, the size of your table, and who your target audience will be. Researching the event you will be attending is important in determining how you’ll display your booth; you’ll need to understand the floor plan, measurements of the areas around you, and any restrictions the event holds. The size of your area will limit what designs you can bring into your trade show booth and display.


Design and Flexibility

It is important that your design is flexible and can be appropriate for any size table, floor, or wall area; or if you have access to multiple designs, the convenience will pay off in the end. As you determine what your display will look like, the target audience you’re after will play a role in deciding what you want in your display and who you want it to reach. Consider what message you want your audience to receive when they see your display.


Color and Continuity

Focusing on the display and design of your trade show booth is the most important aspect of your appearance at a trade show. The importance of color schemes, graphics, and content are a huge element in how your design affects potential clients. You’ll want a design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A color scheme is a huge asset to your display because it sets the mood of your booth. You’ll want to take your company logo and pull colors from it or colors that compliment it. Do not use colors that would associate you with any competitors. Colors are associated with emotions therefore it is important to choose colors that represent the mood you want to leave your customers with; if you’re choosing colors outside of your logo, keep this in mind. It is important that you make your booth stand out from the rest. To complement the color scheme of your trade show booth, you’ll want to match any product display pieces with your trade show display. Continuity in a display is important because it creates the path to branding.


Graphics and Images

The graphics of your trade show design should be chosen carefully. The simple, bold images will both attract customers and help them remember your booth. One simple image or graphic will go a long way compared to confusing, complicated artwork. Using your logo will help you create brand awareness, but won’t necessarily catch the attention of your audience. Some trade show booths will have a graphic, while others rely on a phrase to draw in the audience. Keep in mind that less is more.


Content and Descriptions

When determining what content you want to display, focus on the product or promotion you’re selling. The clients are more interested in a product and less interested in a description of your company. Keep any and all written descriptions to a minimum. Your booth is there to attract customers; you’re there to sell to them.



Think of what type of display you’ll put your logo, graphics, and content on. The options are endless: table covers, table displays, pop-ups, banners, television displays, and printed items. Consider using pictures and videos as a way to attract customers. Videos that feature your products and highlight benefits are a great way to keep customers at your booth.


Create an Experience

Your booth may display what your company can do, but the experience clients have at your booth says who your company is. It is important to have motivated staff, engaging promotions, and lasting impressions during a trade show. The staff may not be something you create, but you must find a team that is willing to make your company be a brand that clients will remember. Integrating your brand on the staff is important as well; you want potential clients to know that your employee is with your company, even when they’re not at the booth. Having a uniform or prominent name tag with a logo on each staff member will define their position and company at the show.


Visitor Take-Aways

As customers come to your booth, they’ll want something to remember your company by, so often times free products, such as pens, key chains, water bottles, and notepads, will be available. Not only are customers seeking free gifts, but they want information from a handout. Developing a handout for your company can be beneficial, but oftentimes will end up on the ground. Many companies are using business cards with QR codes that lead to informative landing pages because clients want an interactive company.



In deciding what effective ways you’ll design your trade show booth, keep in mind that less is more. Your potential customer will come to your booth as long as the message and intent of your company are clear on the display. Determine the design of your display ahead of time through preparation and research. The design and showmanship of your booth will be the first impression on new customers that you cannot get back. Keep in mind that your trade show display must be effective in order to see an outcome.

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