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Monthly Website Analytics – Why You Should Hire A Marketing Company

Website analytics are very useful in optimizing website performance.

They highlight how viewers are interacting with your data. Analytics can allow you to understand how well your website is performing, and will also provide you with insightful data about your viewers. You can use all of this data to your advantage in the future when it comes to marketing decisions, and tailoring your B2B approach to give your customers exactly what they want.


Website analytics give you the ability to understand who is visiting your website and where they are located using their IP address.

Knowing where your viewers are located, you can target those specific areas. You can also target where the traffic is coming from. This will let you know where you need to invest your marketing time and money. As your marketing efforts start, you will be driving more traffic back to your website, causing your match rate to rise. When there are more companies recognized, there will be more leads tracked in your analytics system, which will provide more named leads and create more sales opportunities.



Website Analytics will let you see where you are losing customers.

A bounce is when a viewer visits your website and then leaves without viewing any other pages. This can clearly be seen and broken down by times of the day so that you can see which pages they viewed and the time that they were there.  Overexposure to a product or type of content can make your target audience immune to your communications. Try targeting three of your most successful channels and understand where your audience spends most of their time. That will give you a more direct, targeted approach at a lower cost to you. 


Hiring a Marketing Company to handle these things, and so much more is definitely the way to go.

They will be able to control every variable, and all of the data they receive from these monthly reports. They will share this data with you each month and go over, in detail the direction they think you need to be going after each report.


It never hurts to call, conversations are always free!

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