Candace Weir

Lead Photographer

candace weircandace weir

Candace Weir


I make my bed in Surprise, Arizona. I’m originally from a small town in Tennessee. I am a taxi driver, house manager, landscaper, teacher, nurse, counselor, and chef. Oh, wait! No that’s just being a mother, but the experience should count. I’ve also been a photographer for fifteen years. My two girls, both now teenagers, have given me the nickname of “Mamarazzi” due to the fact that I’m always taking photos and have been most of their life. I admit sometimes it is hard to put the camera down. I also put up with Chris. He’s the one that runs this joint. I’m his ear to talk things out with, and whatever other roles he decides he needs me in with Two Second Media. My position is always subject to change based on his needs. Being a business owner’s wife, well, you just gotta be flexible. Really though, we all know that I’m really the genius behind him. What’s that saying, “Behind every strong man is a stronger woman?”


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