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EZFrost is a brand new one of a kind frosting machine that will revolutionize the way bakeries and cupcake shops do business.  For the first time ever, the art of cupcake frosting has been perfected. EZFrost will decrease the mess and increase productivity!  EZFrost creates the perfect cupcake on a daily basis; keeping customers satisfied and employees thankful!


The owners of EZ Frost came to us prior to them even having a final version of the machine manufactured.  They had been working with another marketing company who was unresponsive, slow, and producing low quality work.  They knew if they were going to push a never before seen product to an international market, they needed a video company who was up to the challenge of helping them market their product best.


We got the first completed machine off of the production line and we were able to begin taking photography and video of the machine.  We created testimonial and demonstration videos to be distributed on their website and social media.


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