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Front Runner Athletics was founded in 1982 by Louis Priddy, an avid runner and committed community servant. The original name of the store was Running Factory II and it was located on Highway 153 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At the time, the store focused primarily on running shoes and soccer supplies.


In 2001, Mr. Priddy sold the store to well known runner, Chad Varga. Chad and his wife Denise are still proud to serve as owners of Front Runner Athletics today.  The focus hasn’t changed either; product knowledge and service are paramount.


Front Runner Athletics had talked with much larger video production companies in the area, but ultimately felt like we understood his needs and provided a service far superior and more personal to the bigger production companies.


As a specialty sports store, their demographic was limited compared to other sports apparel companies.  Therefore, they needed a highly strategic plan to penetrate the market.  Their location was not prime, sign ordinances were not friendly, and so few people knew about them.


Over a five year relationship, we produced countless campaigns and employed many different marketing tactics with tremendous success.  Much of the reason for the success came from our multiple award-winning TV Campaigns that drove viewers back to their website.  Our TV campaigns competed on local, regional, and national levels continually beating campaigns with budgets as high as 20 times ours.  Through our streamlined production process, we were able to create campaigns that competed with national athletic companies.


Few clients have ever engaged every single area within our production department as much as Front Runner Athletics, and we loved the challenge.


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