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Richmar has been a partner to clinicians since it was founded under the name Medco in 1951. This modest operation located near Tulsa, OK was responsible for such therapeutic advancements as the first combination stim and ultrasound machine, as well as being the first to incorporate a touch screen into an electrotherapy device. After a move to Chattanooga, TN in 2007, the legacy of innovation continued with the creation of the Winner EVO, capable of providing up to seven independent therapies at once; and HydraTherm, the award-winning moist heat therapy heater with a rust-less, composite plastic tank.


Richmar set out to launch their newest product, Lido•Flex, internationally.  International launches come with their own complexities, as we must deal with translations and foreign government regulations.  Additionally, Lido•flex was a medical product that contained Lidocaine, so we had countless layers of substantiation, legal review, and government oversight.  Not to mention the mounds of regulations within HIPPA.  Richmar wanted us to design the branding, packaging, collateral, website, and to produce multiple videos for sales and training.


They wanted the entire campaign completed within two months.


Because of the tremendous scope of this project, and the extremely limited window we had to produce everything requested, we separated all of our employees into teams, each team responsible for bringing concepts and designs for their particular focus.  Each team started on the copy for their project, so we could submit that for legal substantiation and FDA approval very early.  While we waited for legal and the FDA, we began working on the design and production elements for each project.  Once copy was approved, we translated all material into 6 different languages and integrated it into the designs we had been working on.


Also, while we were waiting on legal and the FDA approval for the copy, which included the scripts for the videos, we actually began filming footage for the videos and taking photography of the product.  Once approval was received, we began recording the voiceover and adding it to the video.


This was also the time we began receiving samples of our custom designed packaging.  Not only did we design the graphics for the packaging, we actually designed the shape of the packaging as well.  This process was extremely tedious and required almost daily coordination with the packaging manufacturer.


Ultimately, we completed the project three weeks early and we came in 5% under our projected budget for production.  Because of our team’s performance, the client hired us as their agency of record.


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