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Line Werks is owned by Scott Wunderlich, a Phoenix-based architect who exclusively does medical and dental architectural drawings. Line Werks conducts ground up and remodel architectural projects for medical facilities and put empha­sis on deliver­ing excep­tional designs with unpar­al­leled client ser­vices.


For the past 12 years that they have been in business, Line Werks has not had any sort of website. Realizing the need and importance of a web presence coupled with seeing our quality work, Line Werks reached out to us to build them a custom, user-friendly website where they could display their massive portfolio.


Line Werks also needed photography of their builds done to include in the portfolio and asked us to creatively capture shots of the medical and dental offices. 


A custom and modern website was built for Linewerks according to their specific architectural needs, theme, and color scheme. The website was focused on creativity stepping aside from basic layouts and designs.


Photography was done for Line Werks at the various buildings that they had designed. We visited Line Werk’s clients and did complete office photography shoots. We conducted various shoots of the medical and dental offices including daytime, twilight, exterior, and interior shots.


We created an elegant and user-friendly web portfolio with the photos to showcase and highlight their most recent work and clients on their website.


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