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Master Germ and Odor Removal has the most comprehensive odor-fighting, bacteria-neutralizing products in the industry. They give priority to schools, daycares, and medical facilities. Master Germ & Odor Removal test everything in the odor-fighting business to find the best way to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and bring the most experience and product knowledge in the industry to every job they work on. 


Master Germ & Odor Removal wanted to replace their outdated and difficult website with a more modern, user-friendly, and functional website. 

MGOR’s website content was not SEO optimized and wanted to improve on their Google Listing performance. They also needed ongoing maintenance and management support for the website and monthly local SEO Management.


A new and presentable website was built for Master Germ & Odor Removal according to the client’s specific color scheme and designed around his logo. Functionality and the design of the website were improved and modernized.

All website content was re-written to include backend META data and on-page SEO. The client requested that we manage his local SEO on a monthly basis to ensure that the business was visible and accessible all across the web.


After Only 3 Months:


  • MGOR went from being on 0 Premium Directory Listings to being on 26 Premium Directory Listings
  • We caught 4 Duplicate Listings on other directories each with incorrect information, we eliminated all duplicates and corrected on listings errors
  • For the key phrase “germ removal”, MGOR moved from being completely unranked to #1 on Google Local Ranking
  • For the key phrase “odor removal”, MGOR moved from being completely unranked to #4 on Google Local Ranking
  • MGOR went from being completely unranked to #10 in both Yahoo and Bing search.


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