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Simply Balanced Books is a bookkeeping company that specializes in helping small business owners manage their companies. The business focuses on detail and the owner’s 20 years of experience with QuickBooks helps small business owners organize their finances and thereby simplify their lives. 


Simply Balanced Books wanted to modernize their outdated website making it more user-friendly with a modern design and improved SEO. The previous website was created through Wix and was bringing many functionality issues. They also wanted improved SEO

Simply Balanced Books was also facing sizing issues with their logo so they needed a new, modern logo that would fit well on sales collateral. They also needed a brand new icon. 


Several steps were taken in understanding the Simply Balanced Books needs and implementing them into an effective strategy. The client’s outdated logo was redesigned to be a better fit for the website, collateral, and other mediums. An icon was designed for the client to be able to add to various sales collateral.

Furthermore, the outdated website was rebuilt from scratch to a more user-friendly and encapsulating layout. This was done so by assimilating the client’s specific color schemes and personal wants. The WordPress website is much more functional and easy to use with improved SEO.


simply balanced before and after
simply balanced books logo


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