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Municipal Citation Solutions, a division of Republic Parking, is a technology–centered parking system provider with over one-hundred years of combined parking enforcement experience.  The result is a full-service parking management company that brings greater sophistication, efficiency and revenue to parking operations across the nation.


Republic Parking conducted an extensive search for a video company that could help them with the roll-out of their new division, Municipal Citation Solutions, and their new service, VATS (Violation and Ticking Software).


MCS was under intense time pressure from their parent company to get the roll-out complete prior to upcoming events in their test market.  So efficiency of production while maintaining the highest quality was paramount in this campaign.  MCS realized very quickly, we were the best company to accomplish those goals.


Our first task was to establish the logo and branding for both Municipal Citation Solutions and VATS.  Our designers worked closely with the Republic Parking team to reflect the vision and mission of the company and to create a brand image they could be proud of.


We then started producing countless videos.  Sales videos, training videos, information videos, etc.  We filmed at multiple locations using paid and unpaid talent, as well as MCS employees and team members.


Our efficiency in production ensured MCS and VATS rolled out ahead of schedule and perfectly inline with their vision.


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