Quick & Easy Ways To Market Your Small Business

As a small business owner, After all, people need to know you exist before they can become a loyal customer.

So how do you spread the good news of your existence without coughing up the money for an award-winning super bowl commercial, or spending six days a week handing out fliers on the street? Keep reading to find several quick and easy options to market your small business.

We can understand if, after six days of handing out fliers on the street, you may be ready to drop the whole ‘marketing’ thing, but you can’t. Every consumer in the economy has a need for something. Whether it is a product or service, they want it for one reason or another. As a business, it is your job to pick up on this and provide a desirable product or service to these people. So now you have people that need something and businesses that provide it. So how do these two groups meet? The answer is, marketing!

While some aspects of marketing are anything but simple, there are ways to make it easier and less time consuming for driven individuals like yourself.

So now that we have established that marketing your businesses is necessary, how can you meet this requirement while saving both time and money? We have provided you with a few tips to help you get started on this adventure.

1. Hand Stuff Out

Business cards, flyers, and brochures are extremely cheap to mass-produce. Even better, these are all things that you can hand out during your usual day to day activities. Does your kid have a little league baseball game? Perfect! Hand out some business cards to parents yelling at the umpires. This is a great way for people to take a little piece of you with them.

2. Network

Get to know the businesses in your area that are similar to you. This is a great way to learn about your competition and potentially gain workload overspill. Referrals are fantastic for obtaining new customers. This will just cost you a few words and a little bit of time. It is not like you have to take the whole team to play 18 holes of golf twice a week.

3. Your Website

The internet is kind of a big deal these days. People would use it to put clothes on their backs if they had the option. It is also a cheap and easy way to market your business. It is hard to run a business without a website. The Yellow Pages, in the physical book form, is basically only used by those who are seeing if they can rip it in half. The internet has become the prime method of searching for businesses. A professional website can be crafted for very little money. It also doesn’t take very much of your time once it has been created. This may very well be people’s first impression of your business, so make sure it accurately encompasses all that your business is.

4. Social Media

Diving into the social media world is another great opportunity to market your business for cheap. In most cases, it is free and can allow you to reach massive amounts of people. This being said, it is a bit of a time commitment. If you are going to take on a social media platform, you have to commit. It is all about building relationships with those that “follow” or “like” you. Like with any relationship, it requires time and effort in order to grow. Fortunately, there are software’s available in the market to help you out with that.

5. Email

Email is another advantage of using the Internet. Just as most houses have a mailbox; most internet users have an email. This will allow you to reach a vast amount of people with things like newsletters and internet brochures.

6. Reach Out Locally

It never hurts to reach out to the community. You can accomplish this by sponsoring a local 5k or providing bookmarks to a nearby library. All of these are ways for you to get your name into the community while still showing your sensitive side.


What else? Now these are just a few tips to make sure you are continuously marketing yourself while being mindful of both time and money. After all, it is much more cost-effective to make sure you are continuously marketing yourself, rather than just cutting back altogether and trying to start over. But what if this isn’t enough?

A very practical option is to hire professionals to take care of it for you. It can actually be extremely cost-effective to have someone like Tabor Media Group to run a marketing campaign for you. Professionals will be much more likely to do things that directly benefit you, rather than just shooting in the dark to see what hits. This can ultimately take the load off your shoulders and keep dollars in the bank, pocket, under the mattress, or wherever you stash it.

Marketing is necessary for businesses today.

However, it doesn’t have to leach off your bank account or your time. There are numerous ways your business can see the benefits that come from good marketing without having to cough up the money.

It is just about taking advantage of what is already out there for you. Pay attention to your community, your competition, and the internet and you will see the perks that come from it. We would love to hear from you if you were thinking of coming up with some new and fresh ideas to market your business! Visit our website twosecondmedia.com, follow us on our socials @2secondmedia, or call our local office number at 602-699-6271. Remember, Two Second Media is always here for you – conversations are always free!



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