Backlink Building

Backlink Building and Management is good for SEO

A backlink is a link created when one website links to another and they are extremely important for SEO.  Basically, from the perspective of the search engine, a backlink represents a “vote of confidence” from the other site.  If another site is willing to link to your site, your site must have value.  The other site is basically vouching for your content.  The more backlinks aimed at your website, the more the search engine is likely to display your content on the search results page.


However, not all backlinks are good.  We evaluate all of your backlinks and immediately tell you how high your risk of being penalized by Google is.  You will be provided with a toxic score for each of your backlinks, calculated on 45 toxic markers.  We then work to remove the link by contacting the link owner.  We will also send all toxic backlinks to the Google Disavow tool.


Spammy and potentially harmful links can appear at any time, so it’s essential that we discover and disavow on an ongoing basis before your site get’s penalized by Google.  We will also analyze the backlinks of your competitors and seek out new opportunities for backlinks to your site.  We do this by conducting a deep link analysis which:


    • Checks all inbound links and linking domains, subdomains, URLs, and their categories
    • Explores single URLs, domains, and anchors
    • Inspects a referring domain’s authority and location
    • Checks IP, TLD, and location distribution


All of this helps us understand the domain’s authority and how it will affect your website’s SEO.

  • Find Current Backlinks

  • Remove Bad Backlinks

  • Keep Backlinks Clean
  • New Backlink Opportunities

  • See Competitor’s Backlinks

  • Measure Domain’s Power

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