Website Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is crucial to keeping it secure, up-to-date, and performing at it’s peak

Our website team ensures your WordPress website plugins, themes, and core files are up-to-date and fully functional on a weekly basis.  Without doing this, you run the risk of losing functionality negatively impacting your user experience and your SEO ratings.


Our monthly maintenance plan is built specifically to support your WordPress website.  In addition to updating your plugins, themes, and core files on a weekly basis, we also conduct a monthly security audit complete with any recommendations we may have to further secure your site.  We will also provide you with a monthly site performance grade card that evaluates the following:

    • Performance: Page Size, Page Requests, Page Speed, Browser Caching, Page Redirects, Image Size, JavaScript, CSS
    • Mobile: Font Size, Tap Targets, Responsiveness
    • Basic SEO: Indexing, META Descriptions, Content Plugins, Link Text
    • Security: HTTPS, Javascript Libraries


You may also be interested in our Monthly Website Analytics service as well, which evaluates traffic to your site.

  • Update Plugins/Themes

  • Monthly Security Audit
  • Site Performance Grade Card

  • WordPress Websites

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