Community Events

How can you engage and entertain the members of your community in a safe way?

Public events like parades, balloon goals, festivals, etc., are one of the staples of a strong community.  However, today, we are faced with the challenge of producing these events in a safer and more cost effective way.


Broadcasting your community event allows you to engage and entertainment the public in an extremely exciting way.  You can even still host the in-person elements of the event (even if they have to be limited due to social distancing) while we are broadcasting them online for those who can’t attend your event.  This increases the size of your potential audience exponentially.


Plus, municipalities and nonprofit organizations never pay a penny out of pocket for our Live Production services.  Yes, you read that correct.


Contact us for a free strategy call to see if a Live Broadcast would be right for your event.

  • Larger Potential Audience

  • More Vendor Participation

  • More Engagement
  • Less Overhead

  • Safer

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