Successful fundraisers are more important now than ever

Non-profit organizations are under tremendous pressure today to do more with less.  And with social distancing concerns, many organizations are being forced to cancel fundraisers that would normally provide the much needed annual funding for their mission.  Don’t worry, we have the solution.


LIVE streaming your fundraising event will allow your audience to still participate, and in many cases, they are even more engaged than in-person events.  Not to mention, your potential audience is significantly larger than just your normal donor database.  And with the power of social media behind the marketing and promotion of your event, some of our clients have actually broken fundraising records streaming live versus holding their event in-person.


By utilizing the power and functionality of the internet, we are able to still hold silent auctions, raffles, remote interviews, live performances, and so much more.  If you can do it at an in-person event, we can produce it in a LIVE streaming broadcast; plus many more things you can’t do at an in-person event.


Further, if you choose Two Second Media to produce your LIVE streaming fundraising event, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for your non-profit organization.  Yes, that’s correct – you will pay nothing to have your event broadcast live.

  • No Out-of-Pocket Costs

  • Larger Reach
  • Proven Success

  • More Engagement

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