Infomercials | Job Fairs

A Live Broadcast of your trade show or conference can eliminate the hassles for vendors, the audience, and you

Now more than ever, businesses must find unique ways to engage their audience.  Whether you are trying to find new clients or new employees, producing a live production makes you stand out from your competition.


Steve Jobs with Apple was always the best at launching a new product.  He recognized very early the power of a Live Broadcast to distribute information.  Now, it’s possible for your business to produce the same type of broadcast – and you may be surprised at how affordable it actually is.  Further, we handle all of the technical aspects of the production including creating the custom website for your event broadcast.


And now, with social distancing a real concern for businesses and applicants, moving your Job Fairs online is almost a necessity.  Whether you are hosting a job fair for multiple businesses, or hosting a job fair for just your business, we can create a highly interactive and engaging broadcast that reaches your prospective applicants in a safe and effective way.


Finally, you can choose between our three broadcast options: Live Streaming Broadcast, OnDemand Broadcast, or Pay-Per-View Broadcast.


Contact us for a free strategy call to see if a Live Production would be right for your event.

  • Larger Audience

  • Captive Audience

  • More Engagement
  • High Interaction

  • Less Overhead

  • Safer

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