Live Streaming Broadcast

TV Style broadcast streaming to a larger audience than you could have at in-person events

Companies and organizations that leverage live video today are seizing the opportunity to enhance the experience for employees, partners, and customers alike.  And in today’s social distancing environment, you are able to still connect and communicate like you would at in-person events without losing the impact.  In fact, in many cases, the impact is even greater.


Our production team can produce a TV-style multi-camera live web streaming broadcast that brings out the best of your brand, your company or your event.  Your broadcast can include real-time graphics, power point slides, music, video material, and advertising elements.  A successful LIVE broadcast brings together the best elements of TV with the ease and affordability of live web streaming.


Your live video can be viewed on your own website, your favorite social media site, or via a projection screen for your in-house audience.  If you need to broadcast an event, we can create an event website specific for the broadcast, complete with audience interactivity built into the site.  We can even do online silent auctions and raffle prizes.

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