Pay-Per-View Broadcast

Create a brand new revenue stream for your broadcast

Much how Pay-Per-View works on broadcast television, we can set-up the same type of broadcast for you through the internet.  Not only is this much more convenient for your audience than fumbling through TV menus, the internet is much more utilized for video today than ever before.


With a Pay-Per-View Broadcast, you can either stream LIVE to the internet, or provide a playback to the event that was filmed live.  Either way, the audience is more engaged and captive.  Plus, with Pay-Per-View, you charge your audience to view the content.  This can create another stream of revenue that you have not been able to realized before.


Many organizations have rejected the idea of providing videos of their events online because of potentially lost revenue from those who may chose to not come to the event and watch the video online instead (not paying for a ticket and costing revenue).  Two Second Media’s Pay-Per-View Live Production is the solution.  You still get your audience coming to the event and buying a ticket, but now, you can open the event up to an exponentially larger audience from all over the world.  And, you won’t have the overhead that comes with housing your audience.


Pay-Per-View broadcasts are generally scheduled and shown either once, or only on special occasions.  This creates the sense of urgency for the audience to purchase their “virtual seat” to view the content.  To allow your audience to watch anytime they want, you may consider our OnDemand Broadcast service.

  • New Revenue Stream

  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Larger Reach

  • Safer

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