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A Live Broadcast of your trade show or conference can eliminate the hassles for vendors, the audience, and you

Bob Dylan said it best, “The times, they are a changin”.  Live Broadcast technology gives you the ability to hold your trade shows and conferences either exclusively online or a combination of both online and in-person.  This allows you to respect social distancing while still producing an effective and relevant event.  Plus, based on your specific needs, you can choose from our three broadcast types: Live Streaming Broadcast, OnDemand Broadcast, or Pay-Per-View Broadcast.


Broadcasting your event online also opens up the endless possibilities for engagement that the internet provides that you simply can not accomplish in-person.  First, you are not limited by the number of seats you can squeeze into your venue.  Saving you from exorbitant venue costs, catering costs, personnel/volunteers, etc.  Your attendee and vendor count is unlimited.


And, because we create a custom broadcast website exclusively for your event, every vendor can still create unique experiences and virtual booths, you can still do activities like silent auctions and raffles, and attendees still receive the value your event provides; in some cases even more than in-person.


Contact us for a free strategy call to see if a Live Broadcast would be right for your event.

  • Larger Potential Audience

  • More Vendor Participation

  • More Engagement
  • Less Overhead

  • Safer

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