Logo Design

A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing is symbolizes, not the other way around

The importance of a logo is pretty obvious.  It graphically represents your company, brand, product, service, etc.  It is the constant; the one thing that will remain the same no matter where your potential audience interacts with you.  It establishes familiarization.


At Two Second Media, we believe your logo is worth more than just a clip art file from a fly-by-night logo design “company”.  The elements of the design must embody the culture of your company and establish the starting point for any marketing you do in the future: business cards, website, flyers, signage, vehicle wraps, even your in-store layout and design.


Our award-winning graphic designers take logo design very seriously and work extremely hard to ensure you get a logo that is custom designed and just right for your business.  Additionally, we provide a Brand Guidelines Manual for all logos we design, to ensure standards are established for the proper and consistent use of your logo and brand image.

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