Press Releases

Press Releases are great for communicating and for SEO, and distribution has changed

Some businesses hear the service Press Release and think of the old days when we wrote a release and sent it to the local TV station, radio station, and newspaper.  More times than not, the release didn’t get picked up and that was that.  However, press release distribution has changed dramatically.


Press Releases are still about communicating relevant information about your business, however, they are now about SEO value too.  By adding links in your press release that go back to your website, you create the incredibly valuable SEO tool called backlinks.  When using Two Second Media to write and distribute your press releases, we will distribute your release to 1,200+ websites, local media, bloggers, etc.


Press Releases are perfect for product launches, new hires, events, or crisis management.  Trust Two Second Media’s writers to create the perfect press release for your announcement.

  • Company Announcements

  • Product Launches

  • New Hires
  • Events

  • Crisis Management

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