Competitor Research

An important part of focusing on your customers, is clearly understanding your competitors

We do not believe you should obsess over your competition; and you should never try to copy them.  However, if you are not aware of what your competitors are doing, you will not fully be able to set your company apart and be competitive.


Competitor Research allows you to see where you can do better.  Innovate don’t imitate.  Exploit their deficiencies and accentuate the advantages you have over them.  It will also help you target your marketing efforts to ensure you are getting the highest return on your marketing investment possible.


Competitor Research from Two Second Media is discrete and completely above board.  We evaluate their digital and physical presence in your market and provide a thorough report along with recommendations.

  • Past & Current Promotions

  • SEO Value

  • Backlinks
  • Traffic Analytics

  • Keyword Audit

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