Marketing Audit

Marketing without research is like throwing knives blindfolded in the dark

To fully understand what your business should be doing for marketing, you must first clearly define the target (what success looks like to you), conduct an unbiased good/bad/ugly review of your business as it is today, and then understand the disparities between the two.


Our Marketing Audits review the seven most important and relevant segments of your business as it relates to your marketing efforts: products and services, customer experience, location/facility, brand presentation, pricing, expertise, and equipment/technology.  We will review your competitors, your industry, and your specific geographic market(s).  We will conduct the exact same review on your business.  Then we will compare the two and clearly define where you are excelling and where you need improvement.


We don’t bother with full and stuff.  Our recommendations are actionable items that will make a real difference in your marketing performance; all backed by data (which we provide to you).  You will not find a more thorough and relevant marketing audit than you will with Two Second Media.

  • Products & Services

  • Customer Experience

  • Location/Facility

  • Brand Presentation
  • Pricing

  • Expertise

  • Equipment & Technology

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