Production Retainers

Like having your own marketing department, without the costs

Small Businesses are faced with increasing challenges to stay in the front of their prospects’ and clients’ minds.  And now, more than ever, they need media, marketing, and advertising support.  Yet marketing companies are moving away from small businesses and focusing on the larger companies with larger budgets. Two Second Media is built specifically for small business marketing.


With other agencies, retainers are based on hourly billing.  You purchase a certain number of hours for the month, and when those hours have been reached, you either get no more production (regardless of whether you are in the middle of a project or not) or you start paying extra.  This can be devastating to a small business budget.


Two Second Media Retainers are NOT hours based.  Instead, we use our Points Based pricing model.  We assign a certain number of points for each of our services.  Our retainer clients purchase a certain number of points each month and then they are able to allocate those points toward whatever projects they have for that month.  And it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to produce it, the cost does not change.


This provides flexibility in production but consistency in spending.

  • Choose from all Services

  • No Hourly Billing

  • Points Based Pricing
  • Short-Term Agreements

  • Exclusivity

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