Should My Business Still Advertise on Radio – Is Anyone Listening

In 2020 most businesses will go to the internet to start marketing their business, it’s quick and relatively inexpensive to get started. But for many, the internet isn’t the only marketing solution available.

Many people believe “radio is dead.”  However, that’s not necessarily the case.  According to a 2018 report by Nielsen, “More Americans tune into AM/FM radio (93%) than watch television, or use smartphones, tablets or computers.” Something I also found interesting is this includes millennials. Nielsen stated that more than 90% of millennials listen to the radio monthly.

This shows that, in addition to the internet, there are a few ways entrepreneurs can market their businesses. For instance, talk radio listeners are active listeners, whereas, music consumers are passive listeners.  


If you decide that radio is a good fit for your business, here are some ideas on advertising on the radio:

Be strategic with how you fund your ads.

A false belief is that radio is expensive. Actually, you can buy spots on some stations for as little as $25. You know who your target market is, and can probably judge what type of radio they will be listening to, so target those stations.  Two Second Media can contact them to get pricing on several of the stations you identified.  We can break down pricing differences, such as, regionally vs locally. Remember, you are getting “retail” pricing, and a good ad agency will help get you much better pricing and design a full campaign strategy to maximize the value of your budget.


Specify your specific locales and market.

Many believe radio is for big businesses only, but smaller businesses can also target their ads strategically. Radio has geo-targeting which is quite accurate. Through using a network of local terrestrial stations to concentrate your budget on very specific locales you can then further target specific radio listener niches.


Avoid long-term contracts when you’re getting started.

Long term contracts are not required.  Most radio stations are very flexible with spot placement and budgetary needs. You are able to change spots every few days. Choose one week as a test period, and vary your budget almost daily on most stations.  Finally, you can buy spots directly from individual stations, or you can choose to work with an advertising company, such as Two Second Media, who knows how to get the best rates across the board.


Take the lead on your radio efforts in the beginning.

Utilize Two Second Media to manage the radio placements, budget, and analyze the statistics on a weekly basis. Working together we can constantly monitor the cost per lead and conversion from lead-to-sale and know your lifetime customer value in advance. With that information, you will know exactly how well your spots are performing, and if you can increase the budget profitably.


Make sure your leads count.

Radio listeners are far more likely to pick up the phone, even while driving than they are clicking on a URL that was announced over the radio.  When listeners hear your spot, they are emotionally engaged in solving the problem you claim to be able to solve.  This emotional connection makes them pick up the phone and call. That’s true, direct-response radio. Two Second Media will help make this work by making sure you have the right product for the right market at the right price. And if your message contains some level of urgency along with an enticing offer, they will call, because they are engaged.  


The bottom line is that small business consumers are listening. We would love to hear from you if you were thinking of coming up with some new and fresh ideas to market your business! Visit our website, follow us on our socials @2secondmedia, or call our local office number at 602-699-6271. Remember, Two Second Media is always here for you – conversations are always free!

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