Why Two Second Media Is Needed

Small business advertising is in need of full-service advertising and marketing agency support more than ever before.  Especially considering the current trend in the advertising industry, is for full-service ad agencies to work exclusively with  large clients who have large budgets [1].

Ad Agency Hourly Billing Chart | Small Business AdvertisingIn July of 2017, the American Advertising Agency Association released its survey providing hourly billing rates for ad agencies.  Large agencies were charging their clients as much as $849 per hour for creative directors.  Account Executives, Copywriters, even Media Buyers, were all billing clients above $100 per hour even in the smallest agencies.  Consequently, this is trending upward. [2]

This is simply far too expensive for SMB’s.  They are forced to take a “piece-mill” approach to their marketing.  They have a firm for SEO, one for their Website, one for their Social Media, Video, Printing, and on and on.  Now, I have no problem with specialty firms.  If someone is highly educated in SEO, and they want to start a business to provide SEO services… go for it.

Old Shed | Small Business AdvertisingHowever, when the SMB is forced to coordinate and lead all of these different firms, it would be a lot like me trying to be the general contractor for the construction of a new home.  I have a very basic knowledge of what plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and all of the other elements of building a home are.   However, if you asked me to coordinate and organize the efforts of all contractors and to make sure they were all performing to code and to the blueprints (which I can’t read); well let’s just say you would probably be lucky to get a barely standing shed.

Unfortunately, that is what SMB marketing looks like today, a barely standing shed.  Training and education matter.  Experience matters.  Until now, simply could not hope to afford the trained, educated, and experienced full-service marketing professionals.

Two Second Media exists to fill that gap.  We believe SMBs deserve high quality creative and strategic planning, superior production, efficient and effective coordination and management of all their marketing efforts, complete with tracking and analyzing the results to ensure solid ROI.

If you want to experience the highest level of full-service marketing support for your small business, we would love the opportunity to talk.  In the meantime, feel free to download our ebook, “The Small Business Advertising Guide: 2018”.


The Small Business Guide to Advertising: 2018


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