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Two Second Media is a full-service marketing company located in Phoenix, AZ.  Our clients bring us in because they are tired of low quality marketing or campaigns that simply do not produce results. In some cases, our clients want to move their marketing to the next level.  At the end of the day, our clients simply want to grow their business, and they need the support to do so.


In the past, Small Businesses have been unable to engage a full-service marketing company because of the exorbitant costs.  So, they have been forced to hire multiple vendors completing multiple efforts: a social media company, a website company, an SEO company, a copywriter, a video production firm, a graphic designer, a printing company, and the list goes on.  Our clients get all of these services and more, all under one roof.


However, what sets Two Second Media apart is our perspective.  We think like a small business, because we are a small business. We’re always working like a start-up and playing like an underdog.  We eat and breathe production efficiency so that we can offer the fastest – highest quality marketing, at the fairest pricing.  Our Account Executives provide a concierge level service so that our clients see and experience how much we care about helping their business grow. Our clients love how we take their success very personal.  We know our livelihoods depend on theirs’.


Two Second Media is Your Full-Service Marketing Company

So, if your business needs social media, digital marketing, SEO, copywriting, video production, graphic design, printing, branded merchandise, etc.  Lean on us to be your strategic and creative marketing and advertising provider.

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